8 colour printing


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Hello everyone,

I have a question about designing for print, I am trying to enter a design a competition and on the brief it says 'Use up to 8 colours maximum'. What does this mean? It doesn't literally mean 8 colours does it? I assume it is a colour setting. I am using Photoshop CS3, if someone could tell me how to set up a file with 8 colours, or point me to a guide I would be very grateful. I have done design for the web before but I haven't really got a clue about print design.

I'd take it to mean I can use CMYK and up to four PMS Colours with it. Or Eight PMS colours. You get the idea...:icon_smile:

So you are not particularly limited colour wise.
It's a good questions and very ambiguous. I suspect Pete is correct as I've not yet come across a 8 colour process on one side. Now the other option is that they are talking about a large format machine as we have an 8 colour unit but that is just so that it gets a large colour gamut rather than 8 specific colours.