5-minute Colour Palette & Typeface Survey


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Hi everyone! I’m a student currently studying a masters in Graphics Design and I thought I’d hop on here to get some design insight for a project I’ve been working on. I’m in the early stages of designing and developing an app based platform with the specific focus of trading second-hand footwear, named RE-SOLE. The mission is to provide a unique social space for sneaker-heads to buy and sell their second-hand items, whilst giving them the creative space to express their distinctive styles and tastes to a community of users. The concept of RE-SOLE is similar to that of Depop and Vinted.
Our target audience consists of tech-savy, gen Z males and females, who are primarily students with a creative eye for fashion.

I hope this gives enough context to aid in completing a short 5-min survey that I’ve attached a link to below:


If you could spare the time to fill out this survey you’d be helping out a student looking for a sense of direction within their project. Thanks a lot!