48 Sheet Billboard Size Help


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Hey all,

First post here and I'm wondering if anyone can help me as I'm a little stuck.

I have been requested to design a 48 sheet billboard.
Here is the email I received from the client regarding the artwork size.



48 sheets produce one tenth the size at 300 dpi
Actual size 10’ x 20’
3048mm x 6096mm
Please produce 1/10th of final size.
Safe copy area 9’ x 19’ / 2748mm x 5796mm


We strongly recommend leaving a border of at least 15cm (6 inches) around the edges of the printed poster and not positioning logos or copy too near the extremities as posters can stretch when wet.


Should be supplied at a ratio of 1:10 (10% of final size).
Artwork should be set at 10% using the templates provided with no registration marks.
All fonts should be converted to outlines/paths or embedded.
All images used need to be included or embedded.
All images should be set to 300dpi, and be CMYK output."

I am using Photoshop for this.

Now I was thinking of doing it at full size 3048mm x 6096mm and scaling down to 304.8mm x 609.6mm (10% of original) in a new project. BUT the full size is a 20GB file so does anyone have any recommendations on how i should do it? Should I just do the whole thing at 304.8mm x 609.6mm 300dpi?

Any help is appreciated

Many Thanks