48/96 sheet stretch factor?


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Hi all. Long time lurker, first time post.

I was recently asked to do some artwork for a few 48 sheets and supplied specs from different producers.

One mentioned the stretch factor and the importance of leaving a margin of error on the right and the other didn't. Nothing unusual there and I always work to the specs provided but I'm wondering why some make no mention of stretch and others do?

Is it down to whether or not they are printed in one piece or sections or what. I was wondering of the stretch factor is still relevant as I've seen a few specs which don't mention it. Then again there is one well known outdoor group who still have an incorrect safe size (as a percentage) on their artwork spec sheet so who knows. Cheers all.
Hi. No. Not creep. I'm talking about the stretch that some suppliers warn about in their spec for large outdoor billboards

Example here...
48 sheets
*Print area for 48 sheet = 3048mm x 6096mm
A minimum weight of paper is recommended at 105 g/m2 (blue backed).

* Due to paper stretch it is recommended that allowance of 200mm ( 8”) measuring in from the right hand edge is made to ensure no vital live matter is lost.

Some producers don't mention stretch at all (just a safe area) which I find weird if they are produced in the same way (unless vinyl). You's think if stretch were still a problem they'd all mention it.
To be honest I have never even heard of the term although can see why it could be an issue at that size, maybe some stock that is used is less prone to it and the ones that don't mention it use this or maybe it is an issue with certain methods of production that not all use, no idea really though.