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Where can I get a 3D programme for modeling, animation, rendering etc? I need something particular and adjusted to my needs, so probably it should be made-to-order rather than a ready made product. Any advice?
For many, Maya is the industry standard. I don’t know if this is still the case but when I was at Uni, you could download it and evaluate it indefinitely and there were no restrictions on what could be done and what could be outputted, which was great. It’s also highly malleable as you can add your own scripts from within the software itself. So, if you need specific features you could get a developer to write the appropriate scripts for you.

May I suggest you head over and introduce yourself on the relevant thread.
You can use 3D Max MAYA. this is the best software for 3D designing. Search on google.com.
recently I have download and using working well.

But keep on mind it does not work like other website designing or other software these software requires good configuration system with graphic card otherwise it would work slow.
Lata Joshi said:
You can use 3D Max MAYA. this is the best software for 3D designing.
good god... 3ds Max and Maya are two different pieces of Autodesk software. If you're recommending software at least get the name right :angry:
An old thread but here's my view:
If you just want to learn try Blender, it's free. I use Modo, which I think has the best modelling workflow and other areas are developing well as time goes on. Maya and Max are well out of my budget.