3d question in illustrator


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hi im a newb to graphics, im trying to make a hole through a piece of bent metal which i have dra\wn and extuded in adobe illustrator , is there anyway to do this while its still live with the 3d detail box , the only way i can try to do anything like this is to rastarize object first then try to draw some sort of 3d hole ,not very sucessful , i know i could make hole fisrt then extrude but the shape is too complex , i will try to post my ai drawing to explain better
thanks so much for any help
regards mike

ps tried to attach .ai file it will not let me :icon_confused:
I think you'd have to have created the hole in your basic shape first before 3d-ing it, as it were. I think. Standby for better replies than this though! :icon_smile:
I'm not entirely sure if you can etch out a hole with the shape still live. Although you can create a hole and then highlight all shape layers then reapply the 3D settings.

Although I would stick with your first effort of trying to create the hole afterwards. Perhaps tilt the metal so that it is upright as opposed to angled, I think it'd make things easier perspective wise. I think it all depends on where the hole is situated on the actual metal. If it is along one of the flat areas, you should be safe. If you want the hole on one of the bends, it'll be slightly trickier.