3D Printing Competition

3D Printshow

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3D Printshow are celebrating their launch with a new design competition, in collaboration with Metropolitan Works and The Cass. The competition is an opportunity for new designers to engage with and learn about 3D printing technology, and see their work exhibited in London alongside prestigious designers such as Assa Ashuach and Neri Oxman, as part of 3D Printshow 2012.

The design brief and full competition details (including prizes) are available at
3D Printshow 2012, as well as information on the show itself. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!
Ooo excellent, this may be a really good way of testing out my C4D skills and I've been looking a lot at 3D printing lately. The theme is also quite inspiring as I am currently making a real effort to be less materialistic. Thank you!