360 rotating products - what software?


Hey guys,

I have a client that wants to include 360 views of her products on her website. Potentially interactive with hotspots for detailed description or close up images etc.

I initially thought about 3D Vista, as I've dabbled with that a little in the past but that appears to be only external viewing, in a room looking around you. I need to be looking internally at a product and turning it around in front of me.
She says she has a photographer so can supply the stills so I'm just looking for the software to stitch it together and add the interactivity.

Can anyone point me to a good solution for doing this? TIA


Staff member
I can't suggest a plugin off the top of my head (I looked into this quite a bit a while back for myself) but you can get js/jquery based ones that do this.

Essentially you need 12 plus images (the more the better) of the item you want to rotate around (think of it as an item on a turntable) and then the js acts as the 'slider' that moves to the next image. I'm sure there will be some out there with hotspots too.

edit: just had a quick hunt of my bookmarks (damn I need to tidy them lol) and found these, should put you in the right direction if nothing else.