25/10 Lamb Weston Supreme - Win a Mac Book Pro YouTube Competition

Closing Date: 25/10/10

Hi. We're offering the chance to win a MacBook Pro by entering our Lamb Weston Supreme YouTube competition (view the launch video and an entry). The general rules are listed below but please feel free to send us any questions you have. Have some fun.

We’d love it if you made a fun, short (1 minute maximum!), film all about ‘Love Supreme’ – here’s what you need to do:

  1. Put your thinking cap on. We want a brief film all about the idea of ‘Love Supreme’.
  2. When it comes to an idea for your film, the sky’s the limit. Here’s some inspiration:
    • Your take on a classic film or film scene you love (Reservoir Potatoes, anyone?)
    • An example of how passionate football fans can be (a mickey-take of football celebrations, for example).
    • The love of food (light-hearted take on a certain retailer’s recent TV ads – “These are not just potatoes...”
    All we ask is that you reference either a Lamb Weston product or show the Lamb Weston logo in some form in the film (be it printed or digitally shown).
  3. Get your phone, Webcam, digital camera or anything that can shoot a very short film on. Don’t worry about quality – we’re not expecting Spielberg!
  4. Film your idea. Entries should be no longer than 1 minute long.
  5. Upload your film – to do this, simply reply to our launch film on YouTube located at: YouTube - Competition Launch Film - Lamb Weston Supreme - Couch Potato which can also be found on our YouTube channel YouTube - lambwestonsupreme's Channel. We’ll send you a direct message on receipt of your movie, to validate your entry.
  6. That’s it.
  7. Entries will be judged, and the winner duly informed.

For full details please visit Lamb Weston Supreme - Win a MacBook Pro!.

Please let me know if you have any questions either in this thread or via our twitter account at Lamb Weston Supreme (lw_supreme) on Twitter. We'll be showing off the best entries in our blog (which is in the process of being setup), and will be tweeting the latest entries.

Thanks :icon_cheers: