2012 poster for nugfx



new poster for 2012 im just not sure about the colour yet, got it in grey/white and blue also. the NU will b glossed when its printed to give a nice shine.

what you lot think? (soz if the image is a bit big)
Where would it be displayed?

Aside from the actual "NUGFX" text, the rest is very hard to read which isn't desirable for a poster.
I agree with above, if this is a poster then your services need to be much more prominent from a distance and a gloss spot UV would be a waste of money as it wont even be noticeable...for example in a shop window, save your money on that part.

Obviously if these are leaflets and to be handed out then the spot uv is a nice a touch but again the services need to stand out.
thx for the imput :D ill make the services bigger to read.

got a few places for the posters to be placed, some bars(well design bars/bistros i mean) a university, a business gym and a few shops locally.
Poster 2 - definitely make the web address bigger. How else can I contact you...? The point is so people contact you - isn't it?