2009 Wall planner


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I'm looking for a basic wall planner template which can be edited in illustrator for a client, she wants a customised planner making for all her clients and she wants to add her logo on the top and some other logos of sponsors too. I did 1 for her last year, but by accident whilst i was working for printing.com i saved the 2008 template on my pen drive and used that! Now that i dont work there i can't do that LOL!

any help or links to resources would be much appreciated.
Usually there are vector calendars on iStock that you could have used, however, couldn't find any for 2009 yet, I have a few in Illustrator that you could adjust to fit, not sure why you need a template though as couldn't you just design one yourself?

Anyway if you want to save time then just drop me a PM and I will e-mail one over, it is currently A3 in size although as it is vector can be scaled to suit.

We print these all the time so if you want a cost effective quote on printing then just give me a shout via Stationery Direct


thanks boss! the reason i want a template is basically because it just makes life easier. The customer only wants a basic wall planner so there is no point spending too much time doing the artwork.

Ill send the PM with my email addy now.