2 New self-initiated projects - Critiques please!


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Hi all guys first of all my name is Antonio and it's my first topic here.
I am officially a web designer/developer but I am studying (by myself) to improve my graphic design skill cause I would like to my career in this direction.

Right now I am working on some self-initiated projects and I would like to have some critiques from who for sure is much more experts than me in the field.

I am starting every 2/3 days to work on a new design project mainly to see where I am and where I want to go and of course to see where I have to study more and improve.

Actually I am studying on 5 different books, also I am trying to get inspiration from the most great designers on the web (billions of them).

Below there are a couple of self-initiated projects I have just finished and published on my Behance profile, I would like to have some critiques on both of them if possible.

BeehiveDesign - Brand on the Behance Network

SimpleFly Airlines (Not Real) - Brochure on the Behance Network

Thank you so much to everyone for the precious help!

PS: harsh constructive criticism is welcome
Good luck with your learning!

Just to note that on your brochures for simplyfly you have prices "form", need to change that to "from".

I must have a dirty mind but the beehive logo automatically makes me think of a tiny set of tackle - sorry. likely just my twisted mind :icon_biggrin:
I second the comment about the beehive. Maybe just try three straightforward hexagons rather than two small ones and one long one!

Really like the simplefly identity, in fact can’t offer any criticism about it other than a little typo:

The new low-cost British airline(s) - delete the s

I suppose you could fill in all the text with Lorem Ipsum though as a lot of it seemed to be about BA.

Good work.
Thank you so much djb for both comments, yes you are right I should not use text from other sites, I will replace it ;-)
I'd look at the kerning of 'beehivedesign'. Other than that it all looks pretty good :icon_smile:

Hi Paul and thanks for the comment!
so do you think the kerning is to tight? it's not readable? I wish to understand more if possible.

Thank you very much.
It just seems a little uneven in places; the 'i' is joined to the 'v' in 'hive' for example. Aside from that though it doesn't look bad at all.

I think these are nice! Did you come up with these briefs/projects your self or did you get them from somewhere? Im interested in learning too as Im just a wannabe with little knowledge!

Cheers in advance!

Thanks Paul, I understand what you mean now I will try to improve the job!

Hi Eva, I am happy you like the projects.
Yes, I came up with both designs by myself, I am spending lots of hours online reading articles/blogs/website and getting ideas/inspirations from the most experienced graphic designers on the web.

Mainly I am trying to challenge myself with some projects that I never did before as web designer.

Also I have bought several Graphic Design books three of them very good:

"Graphic Design School: The Principles and Practices of Graphic Design"
"Grids: Creative Solutions for Graphic Designers"
"The Graphic Design Exercise Book by Carolyn Knight and Jessica Glaser"

You can find all of them on Amazon.co.uk

As creative website I think Behance Network is a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration.

I hope this helps!

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