18 year old student would like some portfolio comments pleasee


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This is my work from my last year at college on a national diploma course i got three distinctionds for this course, and I'm now on my first year doing my Ba Hons Degree.
I'd really like to hear any feedback you have :) whats your favourite and what you really dislike about my work, it will really help in me developing my style. thankyou everyone, natasha :) :)

heres a few images off my link to just maybe get you clicking ;)


Ahh....these young uns with the free will to be fully creative, without limitations. Make the most of that freedom whilst you can :icon_biggrin:
Love both examples, I love the fact you don't have a 'style' so many people fall into the 'style' bracket where every piece looks the same!

One bit of advice I was given was to use a design grid and to align elements to each other, no matter how 'random' the design is, it always looks well structured. It really does make a world of difference, but to be honest, everything on your work looks pretty well aligned.

Keep going, you've got the makings of a great designer!
Very nice work there, I enjoy seeing the work of up and coming designers and I think you will certainly be a force to be reckoned with in the future if not now.

Keep up the good work.