18 pg a5 brochure print quote please


Hi all,

I'm after a quote for an 18 page brochure (9 a4 pages folded to a5)

this includes covers (client wants gloss covers) not sure on inside finish yet

full colour, artwork to be provided.

I need to know timescales for this too please


9 x A4 pages folded to A5 makes a 36 page brochure as each side once folded is counted as a page.

Gloss covers as in a gloss stock or gloss laminated? Thicker cover than the inner pages?

How many?

If going for laminate I would go for maybe a 200gsm cover with 150gsm inner pages.

Turnaround is roughly 5-7 working days.

Confirm the spec and I will work out a price for you :icon_smile:
sorry, blonde moment! haven't had any caffeine yet!

just re read e-mail from client and it doesn't make sense!

5 a4, folded to a5 (20 pages)

they wanted 18 pages, but obviously that can't happen!

gloss stock or gloss lam, does ir make a difference? the cover will be mainly rich black so whatever you think is best

can you quote for 100 and 500 please.

that stock sounds fine to me damon, you're the print expert :icon_smile:
If the cover is rich black then I would recommend a laminate on the outside, will stop cracking on the spine, will PM a quote shortly.

EDIT: One thing to note is gloss lam on black does show up the fingerprints. Everyone is using large areas of black nowadays :icon_rolleyes: