127 Hours [Cinema Experience 2011]

Tony Hardy

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Hey everyone.

This is my ongoing project for the next year:
Brief: Create a poster for every film I see at the cinema in 2011.
Deadline: Each poster must be completed before my next visit to the cinema.
Disclaimer: This project was only thought up after I'd already seen 127 Hours and Tron: Legacy. I happened to of made the Tron poster first. They'll be in chronological order of my viewing in this set.

Here is my second poster, for, 127 Hours.
127 Hours | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
It's awesome.
I even think that the slightly uneven kerning on the '127 hours' actually adds to the atmosphere of the poster.
The only thing i'd say is that the poster doesn't really match the cinematography of the film.

Who are your influences, clearly there's a little Saul Bass in there.
It's pretty good, but it doesn't completely get the message over for me. I think it needs an extra twist - the obvious one being blood on the knife. But I'm sure you could come up with something better.
I disagree. I find that the use of the Swiss Arm Knife portrays a sense of mystery. I think possibly that there could be a reference to being stuck between some rocks.
Influence wise, you nailed Saul Bass on the head. Then Olly Moss, and Germano Facetti/Romek Marber era Penguin design covers too.

I don't know how I'd match cinematography of a film to a poster? What sort of thing would that be?
And I thought a reference to rocks would kind of being overdoing it. I've got the rock texture in the background there just as a subtle nod towards it.
When I talk of cinematography i'm referring to colour really. When I think of 127 Hours I think of Bright Blue Sky with Golden Sand, a happy mood. But then there is this sinister undertone.

The reason I mention rocks is to suggest what the movie is about. For me the poster isn't suggestive enough as to what the movie is about and is potentially leading the audience towards a horror film. What about making rocks out of a richer black, so it just sits very subtly behind the text and imagery.
That's quite an appealing idea actually. Like the landscape sitting out in a rich black in the background? Yeah, the cinematography is very bright and bold and I guess my poster does sit quite a way from that, trying to keep it consistent in my theme of these posters too I guess.