1200px x 600px GIF Help


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Hi guys, so Ive created a 10 second long animated GIF from Adobe After effects, but the lowest I can get the file size is around 4mb, if i compress any lower than that the resolution becomes beyond terrible. Is there any advice for getting it below the 1mb reccomended size? My client is adamant he wants the GIF at this size, 1200px by 600px, but its near impossible to get the file size down at this rate
How many frames per second? Even at just 1 frame a second your frame size would need to be around 400kb each.... that's actually not that easy for gif compression.

My biggest question is why are you using gif for a 10 second animation..... why not a video?
Hi Davink, I had the same issue before. if your animation is quite simple (let's say 3 slides for an ad) you can do it on Photoshop because in my opinion is better for compressing images than Ae.
If your animation is complex, then try rendering the video as an mp4 file and then open it on Photoshop and render it again as a GIF file. This may reduce the quality of your animation but it can be a way to solve your problem. Also, remember that GIF files size increase with the number of frames per second and the amount of colours. If you have a huge amount of these or you are using shadows, glow effects, that will increase your file size considerably! hope any of this helps.
Trying to meet your client's specific size requirements while maintaining decent quality can be quite the balancing act, especially with animated GIFs.
First off, kudos on creating a 10-second animation! That's no small feat. Now, regarding the file size, have you experimented with different compression techniques? Tools like compress jpeg offer advanced compression options that can significantly reduce file sizes without drastically compromising image quality. It might take some trial and error to find the right balance, but it's worth exploring.