1000 x 3 Matt Laminated Business Cards


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Hi all,

There's 3 of us in the business so we're looking for the same design with different name/contact details produced, 1000 of each, Matt Lam. Problem is that as there's a change it's not the same design! Hence much more expensive.

Can anyone give me a quote for that job, probably double sided, but possibly single sided if cheaper. We'll probably go with our local printers unless you can go much cheaper, or send out a business card sample to us.

From your other thread it looks like your cards will be printed four colour process anyway, so the 3x different name versions will have minimal impact on the cost of the cards, as they'll all be printed 'up' together anyway.

There are 100s of deals on digital, matt laminated cards out there, just Google or shout on here.
3000 x Business Cards split 3 versions
Full Colour 1 side
matt laminate
From artwork supplied
delivery to uk

Cheers for the quotes lads. Can either of you send out a sample so I can check the quality, preferably an actual sample card rather then a client card?

The main reason we would go local is because we've got a sample pack from them, so we know what we're getting. Other then that it's always best to go local but if we find cheaper prices on here with good quality then we'll probably be swayed to you at least for now.
Hi Fred

Unfortunately we do not offer printed proofs, however, if you want to see samples of the quality of our print just provide your address via PM.


Cheers for the quick reply lads. I'll get back to you soon.

@ Neil, we wouldn't need it to be our business card, just a Matt Lam 400gsm as you quoted, to see what quality we would be getting.