100 page a4 colour brochure design pricing?


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i needed to quote some one for a 100 page a4 colour brochure/catalogue. i have never done anything on this scale before. i usually charge £15-£20 P/H. wondered if any one could give me a reasonable figure for this. They will be providing the previous design as a starting point. all pictures and text will be provided

any good advice would be much appreciated
Thank You
In general I tend to work it out as half an hour to an hour a page (depending on what they want, style etc.) plus a few hours on top to allow for extra illustrations / image work.

You have got a LOT of hour's of work there so don't sell yourself short
If it's a product catalogue or similar you might want to think about setting it up as a data merge document if you're using InDesign. It'll take a while to set up the data sheet that feed it but once you've got it running true it could save you literally days. You can then either pass on that cost saving to your client, who'll think you're a great guy, or go play golf / do other work at the clients expense while 'slaving' away on their catalogue.
In general, like the over guy i'd charge an hour a page, in my experience with catalogues is even when they say that they will be providing the previous design as a starting point, it still works out at least an hour a page plus id charge half day for art working. so at £15ph £1560 easy, this would be a good price.