10 helpful SEO tips

The only thing is, that you need to make sure that your advice gets updated if google changes again haha.
thanks, took a while writing it, im not the best at writing but i think i got the message across.
very much useful stuff, if you add link building strategies in the seo plan , that will make the article more interesting , any how done a nice job :)
trying 2 put together a good link building article, but atm its not going as well as expected so far lol :D
The orignal link no longer works (returns a 404) but the content is still online (try removing the "10-" from the address) and does appear to be an exact, word for word copy of the SEJ article Andy linked to.

NUGFX, reposting someone else's content without permission is one thing, but actually attempting to pass it off as your own is another entirely. Designers are constantly having to protect their ideas and prove ownership of material, and as someone who claims to be a designer, I would have expected you to have a little more respect for the time and effort that went into producing the original content. This makes me wonder what other content on your site belongs to somebody else.

I must say, I have lost a lot of respect for you.
thanks, took a while writing it, im not the best at writing but i think i got the message across.

Paul's pretty much nailed it with his response but this line shines a bright light on the deeply unethical nature of what's taken place here and really leaves no place to hide. I don't really want to speculate on what drives someone to substitute 'I wrote...' for 'I read...' but even if you lack respect for the original work of others, you should at least retain the good sense to realise that plagiarism will destroy your reputation, and reputation is everything.

In short, would I engage someone to create original work on my behalf when they'd been busted cold for half-inching other people's stuff? Would you?
No matter how many tips you read you can’t challenge the Google updates, no one can guarantee there site from being affected.