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    is it possible to defeat Google on their search engine?

    I have a feeling, Google won't let you outrank Google on Google. Just doesn't seem like that will ever happen.
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    New to online marketing. Where to start?

    Damon, that's the link I was coming in here to post. Then once you've been through that, look into Neil Patel's sidebar, and just work your way through his courses. See you this time next year ;)
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    Do I change my freelance name?

    The way I see that, is find out what's cropping up in Google more often, then run for that. Use something like keyword tool. There's not much point in ranking for "illustrator" if nobody is searching for it. That said, I'm sure people will be searching for it. Another thing to consider is...
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    We've applied for several tenders through the online government Contract Finder website. The 2 we've written and applied for have both been free. We also didn't get any of the work. From my (albeit limited) experience, they're an absolute pain in the arse, and there are much easier ways of...
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    How Do You Deliver Work to Clients?

    Hey everyone, I wasn't sure of the right forum to pop this into, but I guess this one is as good as any? I was wondering, when working on a branding/logo design/illustrative project for clients, how you deliver this to clients? Is it a case of "here you go, this is what you've got, see you...
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    Logo Feedback Animaction

    Sure, no problem. Is this a personal project or something for a client? Either way, it'd be great to see it without the slanted A? Wouldn't take two seconds to try :)
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    Logo Feedback Animaction

    I'm not a big fan of the font that you've used to supplement the A logo mark. The multiple A characters in the wording itself all having the same slant/feel as the mark detracts from it. I'd be looking at a different font entirely for that text.
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    Wordpress hosting

    I started with Vidahost and loved them. They're still good. But, for Wordpress specific projects, I can't recommend WPEngine enough.
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    Html, CSS, JavaScript etc editor

    I'm also a big fan of Sublime Text. Got some great plugins and things you can do to make your life a lot easier. Also has a big community attached to it who seem to know the product inside out!
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    Wordpress / Web Design Freelancers

    Hi all, I'm looking to connect with anyone that works well with Wordpress/web stuff in general. I'm often in need of freelancers to do bits of work here and there. If you're comfortable with HTML/CSS and PHP/Wordpress, drop me a line. Cheers, Tony
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    Pull the plug or request more money?

    This is more than fair and exactly what I would do. Just while we're on, I'd question his logic behind things like "moving the logo up 2px." Is that what he actually said or an example? If it's what he said, ask him if that's actually a valuable argument? Like, where's the proof that the logo...
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    Woo commerce website

    Product sorting and multi-currency thing is a bit of a headache. I've come across that a few times. Curiously, have you tried Magento? What's it like?
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    Woo commerce website

    I'd contest that really heavily. There's an awful lot of sites using WooCommerce successfully for huge projects. I've just used it to build a ski rental website, with hundreds of variables and products. It's a fantastic bit of software. EDIT: Though you do need some PHP knowledge/extensions to...
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    Learn the basics

    Give Codecademy a once over. If you want to build websites, I'd suggest you look at HTML and CSS for starters. Then after that, your path gets complicated. Different jobs require different languages etc etc.
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    How do you network offline?

    Where are you based? There's a whole ton of networking events that I keep getting invited to up in the North East! Haven't actually been along to any. No time :(