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    Pull up Banners

    Hello! A bit late to the party as always but I thought I'd chip in anyway! Standard sizes are either 800mm or 850mm wide. Heights vary between 2m and 2150mm. Artwork needs to be 150dpi at full size, or 300dpi at half size, or indeed vector artworks as mentioned above. You need to add 200mm of...
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    Hovering Art Directors

    Bravo! :D
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    Photoshop or Illustrator

    Err just re read my post it meant to say we hardly ever get artwork in quark. Not artwork in! We certainly never artwork in PowerPoint! Ha! But yes, alas we do get PowerPoint files, even publisher sometimes!
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    Photoshop or Illustrator

    Poor Quark, a forgotten hero of a past time :( Ah well, you snooze you loose, we hardly ever artwork in quark now, in fact powerpoint is more regular than quark :rolleyes:
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    We went to a couple of tester meetings, couldn't commit to going regularly or getting someone to go in our place and if you don't I think they send you a couple of warning letters before you then being asked to leave without any refunds of your membership fee (600 quid-ish). I can see it working...
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    What if Animals Ate Fast Food?

    Hahaha, thats's awesome, love the hunt sequence too! :clap:
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    Miss Ko - Tattoos in Paris

    Digital artwork, looking at their signage...
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    Miss Ko - Tattoos in Paris

    the site does say..... "The artwork for Miss Kō's colourful tattoos was created by Horikitsune (aka Alex Kofuu Reinke), the only European to have trained as an apprentice (for more than 15 years) in the traditional Japanese art of Irezumi (tattooing)" amazing if it's for real, but does that...
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    Miss Ko - Tattoos in Paris

    Pretty cool, I think it's a digital tattoo though, but not 100% sure! Could be body paint? The rice logo reminds me of the predator arm...
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    Best (canvas) printing services?

    Hi Balders, it's a higher resolution/quality printer than the flatbeds used for direct to media printing. The new generation of flatbeds are really good quality but not as close to photo quality as the current roll fed inkjet printers. You're right though for external display, weather proof...
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    Best (canvas) printing services?

    We can help with these too, can do canvas prints up to 1500mm on the short side. Which is better quality than direct to foamex or Dibond. Get in touch and let me know what you need and we can go through price options and samples next week if you want :) Tom
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    Magic, Pick a Card - I can read minds

    It's the 6 of hearts, I remember Paul Daniels doing the same trick on tv years ago :)
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    Magic, Pick a Card - I can read minds

    That's how I read it, it's not a trick question, but the question is a trick :)
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    Client wants a website - what's the first question you ask?

    I'll humour you Berry 1) what does your company do? (ish) 2) what's your timescale? 3) what's your budget?
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    Jambox by Jawbone

    My pleasure :D