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    Learning to code

    Or code academy, they have great beginner modules.
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    Learning to code

    I'm on the same page! I think Shopify is like the Klaviyo of email or the Canva of designing. Btw. I'm not saying these tools are bad, I'm just putting myself in the perspective of someone who wants to explore or harness their creativity and knowledge. Cause a lot of people are actually using...
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    Need some tips for outreach.

    Thank you for the awesome tips man!!! Really appreciate it!!!
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    Where to find royalty free photos?

    Or sometimes they ask for fee for their photos.
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    Need some tips for outreach.

    Update!!! I got my first client!!!! Thought I'd share it here, cause it would've not happened if it wasn't for everyone's tips. Btw it's a fulfillment company based in America, they're looking to rebrand and add more sophisticated graphics to their website and overall branding. If you'll look...
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    What do you guys think of the new Macbook Pros M1 Pro and M1 Max?

    Is anyone getting their hands on the new Macbooks this year? To be honest I'm jealous haha
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    How Can I Create This Illustration?

    I think that's a great start!! Play around more
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    Career change to Graphic Design from Animation/Ilustration?

    Totes agree! I think for us our portfolio is the cake that we put on the table. Experience is better than an MA, please don't quote me on this cause I might be wrong but I've seen companies and recruiters and even headhunters focus more on what projects you've worked on. I used to jump on...
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    Need some tips for outreach.

    I thought I was going to be ghosted. On top of my head rebranding logos, logo design, poster/email illustrations design, and my fave UI/UX design. I'm thinking of reaching out to companies that have flaws in their website UI/UX I have a list of roughly 20. But not sure how I should reach out or...
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    Talk on being a Graphic Designer

    I would love to join this.
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    Need some tips for outreach.

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking of transitioning to more of a gig-based set up as a graphic designer. Been working for this company I work for right now for 3 years and I think it's time to explore the gig side of things. I'm honestly terrified. Has anyone have done cold outreach? How did you get...