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    opinions on my logo design

    I really like what you've done with i and the t, it does have that sense of elegance you're after. I think that's enough flair for a logo and the other half shouldn't look empty. I do feel the addition of the star ruins the overall look. Let us see what you finally go with :)
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    I'm Comic Sans, Asshole

    Wow, that was so funny. I loved the examples of where it would be used. I'm certainly not a comic sans lover, I don't use it but it doesn't make my blood boil as badly as some other people I know. My tutor at uni basically suggested some guy should leave the course because he used it in a...
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    text box in-design

    Yeah? Awesome, I love learning new short cuts, they make life so much easier.
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    text box in-design

    On the toolbox on the left, at the very bottom is a little box. Click and hold on it then select preview. To return to normal just go back and select that :)
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    MERCTECHNIX logo design critique needed

    It's a nice clear logo. If it were me, I'd maybe try slightly lowering some of the letters to allude to the idea of wheels. The 'e' and the 'n' maybe? The 'i' might look too unbalanced. Just an idea :)
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    Printing? Yes. At the Weekend? ...No.

    Short notice? How long would you all normally wait for a document to print? It's for uni so I only needed one copy, I wasn't printing in bulk. For getting one document printed I would've thought same day service was quite fair, especially if you go in the morning. Nevertheless I'm going to buy...
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    Printing? Yes. At the Weekend? ...No.

    I needed to get an A4 16 page booklet printed doublesided A3. Deadline Tuesday. Go to printers on Saturday. Response from three separate printers scattered across Town "Oh, I'm just weekend staff, I don't know how to print that" Is it common for people to work in printers who don't know...
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    Intelligent Ideas

    Hey, I was doing some logo work myself a few months back. I saw and bought this book No Rules Logos No Rules Logos: Radical Design Solutions That Break the Rules: John Stones: Books and it was very inspirational. It covers the main rules which designers stick to and shows work that...
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    Stationery of Horror

    It's really great to see individual stationary like that. It's in a league of its own. Unfortunately I don't think it would appeal to everybody's taste, especially those with a weak stomach. Either way, you undoubtedly appreciate the originality.
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    Graphic Design Forums Competition

    I'm new to the forum, this competition is a good idea to get more people directed here. Here's my tweeted entry Twitter / Martina Scott: Graphic Design Forum's Com ...