Printing? Yes. At the Weekend? ...No.


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I needed to get an A4 16 page booklet printed doublesided A3. Deadline Tuesday.

Go to printers on Saturday.

Response from three separate printers scattered across Town

"Oh, I'm just weekend staff, I don't know how to print that"

Is it common for people to work in printers who don't know how to print?

Fair dues to them, they really did try, but one side of the page was always upside down.
Sounds like a nightmare. Though I think you're quite lucky to have places open on a weekend! I can't think of one place near where I live that would be able to do something like that on a walk-in bases that would be open on a weekend...
Short notice? How long would you all normally wait for a document to print? It's for uni so I only needed one copy, I wasn't printing in bulk. For getting one document printed I would've thought same day service was quite fair, especially if you go in the morning. Nevertheless I'm going to buy an A3 inkjet printer soon :icon_smile: but would still need to go to printers for bigger documents.
Normally, a printer will expect a job booking in a week or so in advance but a one off print should be the kind of thing you can just walk in off the street and have done in a day or two (depending on the printers workload).

On a side note, you do know that an A3 printer wont print full A3 dont you? To print full A3 you'll need to buy a printer that takes SRA3 stock and I believe that means going Laser or buying a plotter.