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    Senior creative designer, London

    Location: Central London Salary: £30,000 – £35,000 Job Type: Permanent Start Date: ASAP SENIOR CREATIVE DESIGNER Redcow Creative are seeking a highly conceptual Senior Creative to join an ambitious design consultancy. Working with other talented creatives you will play a key...
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    Work on Spec: Finding design clients without working for free

    As part of the 2011 London Design Festival I staged an event at London's V&A Museum, called 'How Design Stopped Being Special & How This Feeds Free Pitching'. I now have a version of this available for general download, as an interactive audio PDF. Areas covered include: -- How poor...
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    Books on the design process?

    I've collected together a virtual library of 100 or so design books on my design blog. Hope it's of use: Top graphic design books | Because knowledge is power
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    Graphic Designers, not Magicians

    I want to be able to read our company name in our favicon.
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    New to Graphic Design

    If there are any business areas in which you already have an interest, or some knowledge, it would make sense to plan offering web design solutions to those types of businesses. Get to know whatever sectors you choose inside out. To really succeed, you'll need to be 80% marketing & business...
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    Graphic Designers, not Magicians

    Being asked to create a quality A4 print image from a web thumbnail is an old favourite.
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    Getting into Graphic Design

    Why not try this book from Amazon for backgrounding? Breaking into Graphic Design: Tips from the Pros on Finding the Right Position for You
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    What is this texture?

    A designer friend of mine scans in fine-grade wet/dry sandpaper for this kind of effect. It has a nice organic feel, and real depth.
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    I need your help!

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    New to Graphic Design

    If you're new to graphic design, you've the chance to build a sustainable career by targeting one or two niche markets, rather than the scattergun approach adopted by 95% of designers, who go after all kinds of clients across all kinds of sectors. This is the root cause of free pitching. You...
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    Making the leap from full time job to self employed

    I'm a design writer and design marketing consultant. I've written many features on this subject over the years that you may find useful. Quite a few of them can be found on the Computer Arts website -- it's a UK design magazine. Here's the link: Computer Arts - Everything you need to know about...
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    Procrastination Leads to Inspiration via Desperation

    It's like a flow chart of the inside of a designer's brain.
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    50 things every newbie designer should know

    A vitally important piece of advice is missing from this list -- find one or more business niche and build deep expertise in these niches. This will protect you from ever having to free pitch.
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    Looking for advice about finding work in London

    For portfolio / CV advice, take a look at this sight: Consurgo
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    Trial Days?!

    Never lose sight of the fact that commercial design is all about making clients more profitable. If you do this you'll not go far wrong.