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    how to create a digital brochure mockup?

    I'm looking for similar...anyone have anymore suggestions? The above link isn't working atm. Cheers,
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    Logo Inspiration / help!

    Yeah, I think an abstract animal concept could work. But as it is recruitment you'd need to keep a formal and corporate feel to it at the same time. Unless they are targeting a certain demographic? What came to mind initially, for me was thinking along the lines of a stamp or symbol that would...
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    Feedback Appreciated

    I think I've saved the file wrongly as the colours have become more garish and acidic?! But you get the general idea!
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    Feedback Appreciated

    Hi Folks, I have a client that came to me on a very short deadline 1.5 weeks (I also work Part-time). To produce a logo for an event taking place in Northern Ireland. The event is open to 250+ competitors in my local town. F18's are a type of catamaran and numerous Olympic sailors are now...
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    Thanks Rob and Dave, I will definitely be looking into the typography. But I got a bit fed up and I wanted to get my facebook page up and running. And being indecisive was stopping me doing that. I see what you mean about the inner curves Dave, I think I've been looking at it for so long I...
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    Well, I'm a bit of an amateur really, and have only been doing it for friends and family and have had only a few paid jobs outside of that. So in reality I will be trying to target small businesses on low budgets? Are the colours a bit boring? What do you think of the design so far? Eva
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    Hi Guys, I'm Eva, I've been a member for a while now but I haven't posted in a looooong time. I've had a massive designing break. BUT I'm back to it. I've finally decided to tinker with a Logo for myself. Which I'm sure you all understand has been THE most difficult design. I just could...
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    Anyone know how this is done?

    Where can you download these 'templates' I wouldn't even know what to search! I always wondered about this type of displaying of products/work?
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    Just launched our portfolio

    I really really really like it. I agree with the comments above though. ''''Its a nice site but i cant read your titles eg "Fluid Four is a specialist integrated mobile app development agency." and "Created From Real Experience"''''' Totally agree, on your monitor it may look different but on...
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    Thanks so much for the advice!! Got a lot to think about now and even more persuading to do.
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    Thanks Dave, I'll definitely mention that to her as an option. I was am currently looking into limited edition prints, problem I'm concerned with is that her paintings are on canvas and many have different surfaces and often uneven surfaces, not sure whether we go about getting them...
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    Thanks guys, She has an agent, but for the fine art side of things. He doesn't want her to go commercial as it will cheapen her fine art in his opinion. Which is correct BUT she has to survive financially, which she isn't doing atm with him. She mainly paints so I may try and get her to do a...
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    Is there a place with in the design industry for artists to be hired to produce specific types of work, whether they are paintings or illustrations? Does this happen? Its a random question I know but my Mother is a well known Irish Artist and is really struggling with the current economic...
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    A6 flyer design feedback

    Have you thought about how your going to execute this? Are you going to have to hand write on to the back every day/time you go calling to doors? Also some of the fields don't make sense.... They don't have an important I would change this wording so that it is relevant to what you...