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    Need help figuring out how to make a design like this!!!

    I’m with Hank on this, you need to be going back to your client and explaining what brand identity is all about. If you do not have the knowledge or experience do this, you should’t really be offering professional services In this area. Frankly if I had a client who insisted on this kind of...
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    Your thoughts on my article about qualifications for a designer

    You may not NEED qualifications, but the reality is that the market is so saturated with have-a-go-heroes that the first thing employers will do to sort the wheat from the chaff is check for qualifications. I would. Also, if someone has a degree, you know, there is more of a chance that they...
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    Design and print help needed

    Honestly, what would be more useful to you at this stage (apart from a decent education, if you haven’t been through a degree yet) is for you to perhaps pass it on to an experienced local design studio with the proviso that they mentor you through the process. You will then get an idea of what...
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    Hi, can you guys check out my works and critique them? Thanks

    … and with some sort of context would be useful, otherwise we can only judge how pretty, or not they are. What was problem to be solved? Who is the I ntended audience? etc. ie, the brief you worked from in order to do them in the first place.
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    Vectorizing a complex image

    The first thing I’d be doing is advising my client why that should not be any part of a logo. It would be impossible to reproduce in every situation. ‘Can you get my logo embroidered onto some caps?’ As to the practicalities, I am sure with a little trial and error, you could get a combination...
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    Which tool is best for creating digital graphics for a game?

    Best tool? Education. From your question, I have assumed you are completely new to this. It is such an over-simplistic question that there is no one answer, I’m afraid. A lot will depend on what sort of gaming app you want to produce. Flat graphics, probably illustrator. More photographic /...
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    logo critique - encore dance school

    Go beyond the obvious, but not so far left-field that it does not communicate to the audience you are trying to talk to. You can’t really compare a local dance school, that needs to build brand recognition and reputation with Apple who have already have a ridiculous amount of global brand...
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    Good Channels / Tutorials / Mentorships to step up my Motion Design Abilities

    My take would be to look into doing a part time degree, or MA from a reputable university.
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    Shirt Design Software

    The question leads me to believe, you are not an experienced designer of any sort. Apologies if I am incorrect. If not, software alone will not make for a successful business. Most pros would likely use Illustrator to produce the graphics to go on apparel and merchandise. If you have no...
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    Design of a virtual brand for premium burgers and shakes

    My first thoughts are that finding an illustrator should definitely not be your first stop. Find a brand designer, who you can help you communicate your goals, direction, market, etc to an intended audience. It is a common misconception that designers create a brand. They don’t. They...
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    Stressed out Designer

    Depends entirely on the content. If it is straight galleys of text, the time would be considerably less than if it was highly ‘illustrated’. Are there diagrams that need creating? How much photo editing? Has the text been written to length, based on previous documents? This list goes on...
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    The best app I've found to compress my videos

    I do like a bit of spam first thing! Do you really expect us to believe that this is an impartial review? Do you not realise that, that kind of dishonesty has the exactly opposite effect to the one you would like? When a company is dishonest in small ways like that, it reflects, raises...
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    Genuine advice needed

    Don’t do it online. A fair chunk of the design education process is critiques, and peer reviews. Much better to do an actual degree at an actual uni. If you are in South Wales, you don’t have far to go.
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    Report design questions

    Of course, timings depend on how quick and how experienced you are. These days I can produce a book in half the time I used to. When it comes to book design, they are usually priced at a page rate. Not so good if you are slow. Great if you are fast. My hourly rate and my page rate usually work...
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    How I can earn money in GraphicDesign?

    Education, Education, Education. Be it ‘on the job’ education by working for a company prepared to train you, or with a degree and then studio experience. Don’t just buy software (or worse, use free software) and learn from YouTube. You will be competing against thousands of hobbyists who...