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    .NET Site Development

    Hi I am primarily an ASP .NET developer and use it for all my ecommerce projects. I'm sure I could get to grips with all this stuff, but without seeing the state of the code I'd find it difficult to put an accurate figure on this. Happy to discuss it. All ecommerce sites in my portfolio...
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    Is crowdsourcing like open source software?

    Ultimately it'll all come out in the wash. There are always going to be clients who want the designer to come in and sit round the table with them. These are the clients we will pick up. 75% of my customers are within driving distance. Once you've done enough of these word of mouth will spread...
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    New logo for a fashion accessories company

    Hi. I've sent you a PM with the details. Don't hesitate to call or mail if you have any questions or need any advice. Regards Stephen Chown / tel. 0117 959 4439 mob. 07703059661 mail.
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    New Logo

    Hi I'll throw my name into the hat. I'll send you my details by PM. - Stephen
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    Logo / Corporate Branding Request (Paid)

    Hi. We are more than $15 but less than others. I will send you a PM with details and links to my site are in my footer.
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    Logo Required

    I'm dropping you a PM with prices and portfolio.
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    Illustrator required - animal design

    Morning. I've sent you a PM with a quick clarification question and my contact details. Thanks
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    i phone apps

    Hi there. We have a company/freelancer in our co-operative that does iPhone and iPad development. Website is Dative Studios If you ever need a no obligation quote or just good advice, get in touch with either me, or with Pete from Dative. - Stephen
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    Webpage design quotes please?

    Hi there. I've dropped you a PM. - Stephen
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    Hello! Can I make money doing this?

    Do you know enough to do this digitally? If you can do illustration and produce digital output, there is a good amount of money to be made as a freelance illustrator.
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    Basic logo for a gaming community

    Will send you a PM. - Stephen
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    Javascript Slider + Design

    I am pretty handy with this kind of jQuery animation. I can implement most of the common scripts, and also custom code animation by hand. See the banner on my Site Engine website for example of this. I'll drop you a PM with my contact details and I can get some prices worked out for you.
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    Company logo

    I'll drop you a PM with prices and details. - Stephen
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    manor logo

    Hiya. We can do it - and within budget. Invoice on completion. I'll send you a PM with details.
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    Cartoonist needed ASAP

    Popped you a PM.