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    Software Registration

    I have aquired some software, legitimately, but it was bought in someone elses name. I want to register it, so i get the benefits - is this possible even though it wasn't my card that was used to buy it? Would Adobe cross reference the details?
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    Quark to InDesign Migration?

    No one mentioned Corel being industry standard... it was an example of a piece of software that does a lot more design wise and production wise than Quark. I'm not a fan of it and never have been. I personally find it's used my newspapers and people who require very little vector/bitmap...
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    Quark to InDesign Migration?

    Quark doesn't do a fraction of what Indesign, Corel or any other similar products do. I stopped using it about 10 years ago, it's a prehistoric package in my opinion. If we get anything from Quark, we automatically convert it to import into other packages. Stay away from it...
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    corel draw 12

    Sorry, I didn't realise what type of font it was. I have installed it myself and I see what your concern is. Right, take the word you want, duplicate it away from the original as you'll need it in a bit. Convert the word to curves and then break the curves apart. Any letters like 'e' or...
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    Any CorelDRAW Gods in here?

    Make way... the Corel Master has just entered the arena... ;-)
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    corel draw 12

    Hi, just select the object and right click on the colour you want for the outline and the left click on a colour for the inner. You can then go to the outline menu and choose behind fill as I think it always look more balanced. Gimme a shout if you need anymore advice on Corel as I have been...
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    CS4 Design Premium - Education Edition

    Hello! My first post and starting off with a software question... I've been a graphic designer for over 10 years now and started on Mac's, went to PC's for my work in commercial companies and now I am going back to Mac's! Can't wait... Anyway, I have all the software I need on the PC...