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    Contemporary Greeting cards

    SEO it is indeed, the more effort you put in, the faster you will drive traffic to your website.
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    Mail Goggles - Stop sending mail you later regret

    Pretty annoying wouldn't you think? It’s friday night, you have to send that last email before going to bed or out with your friends and these guys get you to solve math questions!
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    1 Man Blog Sells for $15 Million Dollars!

    Making a blog is actually not that hard to do is it? This is one fortunate dude having sold it so very expensive.
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    Gimp Image Manipulation & Design Program

    Yes, I’ve used it as well and it’s pretty good, the Free downside to windows programs is actually a good thing when you have a Linux platform, it just means wider support for any product you use.
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    LimeWire is overrated anyway, it’s decayed greatly since it first came out and is flooded with viruses, I personally use only torrents now rather than sharing networks.
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    Need Logo Designing

    Getting your logo upgraded is actually a good idea, but you should know sometimes it’s close to being as good as it can be, and in that case the best option is to renew it with a completely different concept in mind, you could change some more of your corporate image.
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    Starting a website

    Hey! Those color ideas are awesome! I’ve always been sort of handicapped when it comes to creativity but that seems to help a lot, thanks a lot really, I’ll see how I can send you my email, if you have more ideas like that I’d love to see them.
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    Starting a website

    Starting a website: Hey, I’m sure you guys must know tons of this but I’m just clueless. I just don’t know how to start a website from scratch, should I make sketches of what I want to show there? Should I know colors before I get started or fonts or any of that? I’m not a designer and so I come...