Starting a website


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Starting a website: Hey, I’m sure you guys must know tons of this but I’m just clueless. I just don’t know how to start a website from scratch, should I make sketches of what I want to show there? Should I know colors before I get started or fonts or any of that? I’m not a designer and so I come for your help on this. I run a business where I repair computers, that simple. Any suggestions?
Hey there rrjnsy89,

If you PM me your email address, I can give you tutorials on how to grab ideas from your head for absolutely free. I've been doing this a few months now, would be very glad to help out!

Thanks :D
Hey! Those color ideas are awesome! I’ve always been sort of handicapped when it comes to creativity but that seems to help a lot, thanks a lot really, I’ll see how I can send you my email, if you have more ideas like that I’d love to see them.