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    Logo not responsive in Firefox

    Have sorted this out, was as simple as adding width:100% to the logo image itself
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    Logo not responsive in Firefox

    Can anyone help with an issue I've got on my website - The images are responsive when I make the screen smaller at certain widths, but the Logo isn't. I can send my code if needed, is there a fix for this? Thanks in advance
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    Hi again!

    Thought I'd better re introduce myself as haven't been around for a long time. I work for a print company called Royale Graphics, we're based in Nottingham but supplying to businesses across the UK. We have been in the industry for over 25 years now. Our main products are membership cards...
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    Tree Surgeon Logo

    Looks great, a nice and simple logo design. Do slightly agree with Levi though, but I also like Alex's version too.
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    Adding blog to existing site

    Wondering if anyone can give me some advice. Our company website is setup in dreamweaver as a html site. I am looking to add a blog to this site (we currently have one through blogger). Would adding a blog be possible using Dreamweaver?
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    40 of the Best Content Marketing and Blogging Tools

    Me too, been concentrating on catching up with everything that I've missed so haven't done a lot with Blogging / SEO after the new updates and Social Media. Behind the times!
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    40 of the Best Content Marketing and Blogging Tools

    Great list! I've been out of the business for 9 months and slowly getting back into it. There's some I recognise from before, but lots of new ones too, can't wait to go through them all.
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    Thanks for the lovely welcome everyone :D
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    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here. My name is Colette and I work for a printing company in Nottingham called Royale Graphics. Looking forward to getting involved in the forum :-)
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    Hello Again!

    Hello!! I thought I should re-introduce myself as haven't been on this forum for a while due to having 9 months off. I work for a print company based in Nottingham. Look forward to interacting with you all :icon_smile:
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    Hi again!

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on here for quite a while so thought I best introduce myself again. :icon_thumbdown: My name is Colette and I work for a printing company based in Nottingham. Looking forward to re connecting with everyone. :icon_smile:
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    Twitter/Facebook - Cry for help

    Was already following you on Twitter, have now also become a fan on Facebook
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    Graphic Design Forums Competition

    I've entered: Twitter / Royale Graphics :icon_thumbup:
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    new cocktail recipe website

    I really like the look of it. Attractive, simple to use, professional looking :icon_thumbup:
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    Dreamweaver photo gallery

    I don't have access to a MAC, but thank you for the advice anyway :icon_biggrin: Am I right in saying that I could use a program like Photostory and use that on a website?