Dreamweaver photo gallery

I'm hoping someone can help me.

I'm looking for a photo gallery extension for dreamweaver that enables you to pan and zoom (in and out and left to right) on the image. I have looked on the Adobe website and I'm not sure whether any of the flash photo galleries are suitable.

Thank you
Not sure if what you wanted was an actual video clip or something flash based, but judging from the youtube video you've shown I assume it's a video clip you're aiming at making?
This might not be of any help at all, but if you have access to a Mac with iMovie '08 you can do the whole pan and zoom thing real easy. It's called "Ken Burns" for some reason... I'm sure that name has relevance to the whole pan/zoom effect :icon_dunno:
Anywho, if you do have access to iMovie '08, it'll take a few minutes to do:
  1. Import all the photos you want to use into iPhoto.
  2. Open up iMovie.
  3. Click the camera icon near the right of the window to show the iPhoto library.
  4. Find and select all the photos you want and drag them to the top left "project" pane.
  5. Select every photo now in the "project" pane (Edit>Select All), and click on the crop button in the center of the window.
  6. The pan/zoom effect (called Ken Burns) you want is now applied!
  7. Select each image individually, and tweak the 'start' and 'end' boxes in the top right "viewer" pane.
  8. Click play in the top corner of the viewer pane to preview the selected image, or click play near the center-right of the window (not bottom-right) to preview the whole sequence.
  9. Share>Export Movie when you're done!

Sorry if there's no way of you using a Mac and this advice goes out the window :icon_tongue_smilie:
I don't have access to a MAC, but thank you for the advice anyway :icon_biggrin:
Am I right in saying that I could use a program like Photostory and use that on a website?
Hah sorry about that... I have to remember not everybody is a Mac boy like me.

Not used or even heard of Photostory before, but I just looked it up and it looks like a nice simple program that should be able to do the job.
Apparently for the pan/zoom effect it produces really high quality results, and it exports as a video file which you can then use however you want.
Photostory seems like your best bet for quick photo panning and zooming :icon_thumbup: