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    Working from two different locations using the same data.

    I know you have said you prefer not to use online solutions but I use and it works brilliantly. It's relatively cheap for just 250 gig.
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    I use freelancer to track my time for projects. You create time slips so you can present them to clients
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    Business Name Ideas

    Hi I am just about to register my business and i am at the stage where i am thinking of names and how to brand myself. I was wondering how people came up with their chosen names. I am not expecting suggestions on actual names, just the method of how you decided what to call your business...
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    Cold Emailing Prospective Clients?

    Yes of course i can The company is called BlueJ24. The contact is Jason. His number is 01423 798391. Excuse his website BLUEj24 - Design - Print - Mail. I have been on at him to sort it out but he's not bothered just yet. If you contact him just say Andy Wood gave you his details. Thanks
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    Cold Emailing Prospective Clients?

    I have used a mailing company who will print, fold and put it in an envelope for less than what it costs me to buy a stamp. That is usually based on over 500 items at a time but its by far the most cost effective way of mass mail marketing by post. If however you are being very selective and...
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    Designing invoices for clients - how to implement designs?

    I would be interested in this too. Surely there has to be some way of doing it without the client having access to inDesign etc
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    Cheap VPS & Dedicated Web Hosting

    try northgate web hosting, details in my signature. Jason will be happy to help
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    Investment company logo critique please

    I too would like to know how he achieved that look
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    Running a Web Design Business from a Rented Property

    Hi guys I have another startup question. I am curious if anyone has any advice on running a business from a rented property. I know it's in my tenancy agreement about not being able to do it bit I wondered if this was just standard and due to the fact my business is effectively just working...
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    Startup Advice

    Thanks for all your advice. I could be looking at a redundancy package so that would help with the buffer zone. I may also have the potential to work for two firms on day rate so if I can secure that I will have regular income with the other days left to develop the freelance stuff. I am fairly...
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    Graphics Design Newbie - Need assistance with current PC Specs

    I agree, your specs seem ok. I was running a vista 2 gig pc with CS4 and although it wasn't great at loading, it worked ok when up and running.
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    Solid State Drives

    All i have heard is great things about SSD to. I only bought my new pc this year and didn't think about it till it was to late. I will definitely be installing one soon after the feedback i have received
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    Startup Advice

    Hi I am currently in a full time job where i get to use some of my Design Skills. I have found a real passion for it and i spend a lot of my time working for a number of clients freelance. I also work for a friends business, churning out wordpress sites to his client base. My full time job...
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    Wordpress Websites

    Hi Thanks for your replies people. Its been very useful. I agree about the telling the customers. For a customer to have a fully mobile optimized website with cms i would have to charge a whole lot more and my current client base is not really in that bracket so most are happy with a...
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    How to deal with clients who waste your time

    This has to be one of my biggest worries. I plan on going full time freelance soon and will be reliant and clients providing me with the content required to finish their sites and therefore get fully paid. I take a deposit but its not really enough but as i am still in my initial stages of...