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    What do you guys do on quiet periods?

    I normally just email old clients letting them know I'm available. If times are looking too quiet for too long, I'll just outright ask certain clients if they'are able to pass any work my way or can put me in touch with someone new that might need work.
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    SHOWCASE: Web Design

    Have you tested it on mobile? The menu seems a bit broken, there doens't seem to be a way to close it once open.
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    Working out my hourly rate?

    You need better clients. As arrogant as that sounds, it's true. Design is a service for business, hence it comes with a bit of a premium. I've got clients who never even worry about my rates because they're always happy with the work and they make a return on that cost. On the flip side I've had...
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    Form Thing

    The only suggestion I'd make is if possible, have some kind of progress or stage indicator i.e. "Step 1 of 3". I've been designing surveys for a company for years, and respondents are always more likely to fill in a form if they know how long it will take them to complete. Here a quick 3 step...
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    Anyone here work in the game industry?

    I'd look into working on indie games or open-source projects. Maybe find a game engine or framework you like and get involved with that community (I personally like Godot). I'd love to work on games doing the interfaces and UX (so many have terrible interface problems) but I hear the games...
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    What did you want to learn but couldn't?

    I can't stand JS, there's just something about the syntax that I hate. Or maybe it's the elitism of all the JS developers wanting to use it for practically EVERYTHING. I like to code, but I've just never been able to stick with Javascript for some reason.
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    Frequency of invoicing

    I send the final incoice as soon as the job is completed, some clients take time to pay so account for that. Some larger companies even have invoice deadlines, basically if it's not recieved by a certain date then you have to wait until the following payment run to get paid. I once had to wait 4...
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    Which is more important ?

    Probably functionality? Hardware needs to be comfortable and right for you if you're using it everyday.
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    Is it okay to include film concept design in your portfolio?

    My general rule of thumb is not to use anything if you don't have permission. There are 'fair use' laws around copyrights, and many rights holders will turn a blind eye to people using their works for derivative, non-commerical purposes (fan art for example), but they are well within their right...
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    What is my Job Title?

    That's not really what this post is about. Job titles dictate things like salary and work responsibilities, that's why it's written into your employment contract when you start a job. He's not asking about simply positioning himself in the industry, he's asking about whether or not his employer...
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    Teach Me About Your Industry

    How old are you? 33 Genre? Branding and web/UI design Do you have a degree in design? Or are you currently pursuing a degree? Yes I have a degree What is your favorite type of work/gig? Why? Any job where I would enjoy using the product or service or I believe in the cause. What is the most...
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    CSS Grid

    I haven't, W3Schools used to be sh*t and full of misinformation. I think it's improved in recent times, but I'd still be reluctant to use anything they created in production. I'll check it out though.
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    Client won't pay all the amount, can I keep some copyrights?

    You need a contract that states where they can and cannot use the branding. You retain the full copyright but having created 'work for hire' you provide them with an exclusive right to use your work commerically. Basically the client can't adapt or sell your work without your agreement, for that...
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    changing of awards logo

    Have a look and see if the awarding body have any brand guidelines or restrictions available. Normally the first thing you come across is a page telling you not to squash/stretch/rotate/tweak a logo. If it were me I'd express my concerns but if that's what they want just let them take the flak...
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    CSS Grid

    Yeah that's one of the annoyances I have, it's often div inside divs to get the desired effect. I'm mainly using it because it's quick to work with, which for what I'm working on right now is fine. Being able to tweak it through Sass variables is handy, though there's still a few bits that are...