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    I need a Logo!

    Google Images were used to show the logo concept, which I think you understood and I have sent a PM about it .
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    I need a Logo!

    I have sent a PM
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    1000 Glossly Business Cards (GDF Exclusive)

    Here's a winter offer from imtsolutions exclusive to GDF members. 1000 business cards 300gsm or 400gsm glossy card double sided free delivery Buy here Special Offer Send art work to
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    EXCLUSIVE GDF AUTUMN SALE 9 (including free domain & hosting )

    We thought we'd do something special and exclusive for GDF members, as this is such a good forum and the members deserve something. We would also like to welcome new customers to our services.
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    EXCLUSIVE GDF AUTUMN SALE 9 (including free domain & hosting )

    Hi, We have a special autumn sale going on exclusively for GDF members , including 1/2 price designing, our normal prices are already competitive and affordable so cut that by half that's even better. For print we have offers like 5000 A5 flyers for£80 & print quality is excellent, so there's...
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    A2 Poster printing

    Please check PM, thanks