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    Contracts - do you need an actual signature?!

    To clarify - in this instance I believe it is different. Here we are talking about a client agreeing to a designers terms and to ensure receipt of payment... not the client leaving his property in the hands of the designer. Again, to clarify... upon having already discussed project and met if...
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    Contracts - do you need an actual signature?!

    It is all very well to say agreement can be implied, but in the case of the car park the onus is quite different. Here, the designer wants to ensure they get paid and so I feel the implied terms are not sufficient and there is no harm in reinforcing the fact they have received and agreed to...
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    Shopping Carts

    Couple more options for when you can't/don't want to use a full on cart script with database: (uses scripts hosted by them and runs in a Lightbox style on your site. Handy button generator tool too!) (Javascript, more payment options, e.g WorldPay...
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    Dreamweaver beginner - essential skills I need to know to improve and climb..

    To add to that, if you do everything with the design view you aren't learning how the elements work together. Write in code and you will find it easier to know what is what and to fix things that require you to get into the code when you can't do it visually. Once you have got to grips with...
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    New studio site

    I was expecting to see some funky monkey character illustration on there going by your name (... or is that just me being too shallow?)
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    Tasty Treats - Business Card/Corporate ID

    Can we see it with the pink brought back up to a stronger shade again?
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    Applying for a job at a printers. Any advice?

    You never know, three weeks can fly by when you are busy... if it wasn't an urgent need for staff but something that would be nice for them to have you could still be in with a chance. Schools have just finished this week - lots of people going away - he might have taken a quiet holiday before...
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    Logo Critique (a bit image heavy)

    I like the green and yellow, changes the feel of it for me, to something a bit more of a retro sporty look (thinking of Adidas trainers for some reason ... )
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    Logo Critique (a bit image heavy)

    My first thought was something similar to the above - looks like it belongs with something to do with motor racing. The angles on that bar between your name and Graphic Design don't match the angle of the logo - fix that to make it see if the line sits more comfortably. << Obviously I was...
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    Pattern technique

    Take a photo of some denim of your own and get the colouring you want by using Photoshop?
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    Procrastination Leads to Inspiration via Desperation

    Did you try the PDF download at the bottom of the post? Looks OK to me.
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    Pantone choice help

    I'm looking for a deepest darkest almost-black brown, very specifically requested as such by the client. I'm not sure how well I trust my eyes to choose it from my little Pantone book by myself so looking for second opinions :) I can't decide if 7533 is still too brown, or if 412 is actually...
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    Know the font?

    Scriptina Pro
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    feedback on my first draft for my artwork blog please

    Agreed. If you absolutely must have it, put it at the bottom, not above your relevant content. I also feel that the 'I've had n visitors' counter at the bottom is a bit cheesy and dated looking. Set up an Analytics account instead if you want to count visitors.
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    Page layout

    As above, we really need to see the page to help :o) Is something like min-width appropriate (which should form a horizontal scroll if the window is too narrow)? #outermostcontainer{ min-width:800px; }