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    Professional Salon-Based Hairdresser seeking Graphic Designer for poster and flyer

    I just had to thank Dave L. Perfectly put. Glad all is resolved.
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    Do I make graphic design my career?

    Thanks Arrivals. Not complete yet as time is tight!!
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    Do I make graphic design my career?

    Despite going to uni myself I believe that someone with 3 years experience in the industry would be e better candidate and all round 'hit the ground running' prospect. I appreciate that uni will help you gain a knowledge of the required software packages and help you hone your life drawing...
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    Business Cards Quick Turn around

    Thanks all for your replies. Client has taken it upon himself to sort print so sorry for wasting any time. Cheers
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    Business Cards Quick Turn around

    Hi, I've just been asked for some business cards on a quick turn around. Can anyone provide me 250 2 sided cards for delivery on Tuedsay next week. I will (hopefully) be getting artwork ready for end of play Friday. If so, could you please quote me for 250 or 500 2 and 4 colour double sided...
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    Full website re-design required. Cosmetic design only

    Hi, sounds interesting I'd love to be considered. I'll drop you a PM.
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    designer for local paper

    Sounds interesting. I'll drop you a PM.
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    Hair Photography Resource

    Yeah, I've been through these thanks. I'll go through them again anyway, just in case I missed the right one first time round.
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    New Logo Wanted - Budget £200

    Hi Simon, I have dropped you a PM.
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    Hair Photography Resource

    Well thats the issue, £5 - £10 royalty free area really. But for the right photo at the moment they could stretch to £50.
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    Hair Photography Resource

    Hi, could any point me in a direction that I could get some really great hair photography? I have been searching on the royalty free photo libraries, but they just do not stack up to some of the processional fashion photographers I have found. I have found one stunning photo, but the cost...
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    Website Coder Wanted

    Hi, I'll drop you a line.
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    Website Design Required: London Airport Taxi Company

    Hi, I'd be very happy to discuss your needs further. Give me a shout anytime. Cheers Rich
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    Designer required to produce a showreel for a Wedding

    Hi Anoop, I'l drop you a PM with my details on. Cheers Rich