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    PAID Advert Design for Dental Practice

    Hi I can help with your advert, over 6 years of print experience. Please email me on or PM to discuss. Thanks
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    Logo design and website design / theme

    Hi happy to give a quote for both logo and website, please message me and we can discuss. Thanks Matt
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    Wanted: Wacom Bamboo tablet pen...

    Hey guys, I have misplaced my pen for my bamboo tablet :( and I need to by a new one, any ideas as the pens seem to be about £30+ which I would rather not pay! Thanks in advance!
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    YouTube Graphics

    What exactly is it you are after?
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    Thanks very much for the message. Do u do smaller runs? 100 say? If so what price as I am very...

    Thanks very much for the message. Do u do smaller runs? 100 say? If so what price as I am very interested?
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    Saxoprint...Any reviews guys?

    Cheers guys! Will take a look at all of the companies :)
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    Saxoprint...Any reviews guys?

    Right I am looking to roll off a few business cards, nothing fancy but I want a decent enough print that I am happy to hand out. Saxoprint seems to be doing some dirt cheap deals which obviously take my liking. I know people say you get what you pay for but have any of you guys ever printed...
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    Logo Design Pricing?

    Pricing Hey, I was in the same position as you a few months ago, just finished uni and had friends asking for prices. I have charged between £60-£90 depending on the job at hand. A few mates I have say charged £70 and designed a business card aswell, what ever makes you and the client...
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    Freelance designer available

    I am currently working in house but I have a bit of spare time to do some freelancing, I currently have 1 or 2 clients in need of brochures, identities, logos, and web design. I am open to all kinds of ideas and am willing to work closely with the customers. Here is a few links to my works...
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    Couple of Logo types

    Try aligning the 'Creations' to the left, may look a little cleaner...
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    Low blow from a job agency

    Hello buddy im in the same situation as you! Graduate in 2 months time and now looking to get the portfolio sorted and website done. Here is a link to my behance site Matthew Miller on the Behance Network Website wise I think you need to research and look and other designers websites, you seem...
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    Self promotion pieces - what did you create?

    YAAAAY! Just had an email from a design company in Cheltenham who say I have been shortlisted and when can I come in for a chat! All I did was send an email with some of my work attatched!
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    Self promotion pieces - what did you create?

    Ok thank you, I only asked as I didnt want to come across to heavy by asking if they got my 1st piece of mail. I will get the pieces sorted and send out in the up coming weeks and see where it gets me :) Thanks again
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    Self promotion pieces - what did you create?

    Thank you corrosive!
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    Self promotion pieces - what did you create?

    All of you guys have said about follow up calls but what do you exactly say to not sound like your begging? I dont want to come across really desperate