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    Wireless monitors worth it?

    Never choose a wireless monitor. Never ever choose your graphics to be transferred wirelessly, no one wants laggy videos and all. This is 2020 and we use wireless internet with our router and even by using a router we lose some speed. It is impossible to transfer videos with 0 latency...
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    Graphics Tablet Recommendations

    Wacom is famous for tablets and also Huion. You can choose from these two according to your need of specifications. There are many different varieties you can choose from. I would always suggest you to take the one with bigger ram. The ram is what makes it smoother and faster. Also take the one...
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    Which colour do you think works best for my logo?

    The problem with black is that is seems really basic and not eye catching at all. The royal blue seems more eye catching and vivid. The logo should always be eye catching and easy to notice. We should never use such a basic color like black for our logo. Look at KFC they have used red just for...
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    Which Logo would be best for a clothing label?

    I think any one of those with the transparent background. This is because as you will use this logo on clothing the less highlighted logo would be appreciated. The logo in a cloth should be very tiny and the logos over here are already too lengthy and you should choose the less highlighted one...
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    What should I expect from my Logo Designer?

    As you already know the details of things you should expect from previous comments. I want you to know one thing and that is you should explain about your company to your designer in full details and also tell him or her about the imagination you have for your logo. It is because an owner always...
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    How much would you roughly charge for a logo design?

    It depends on the designer and the amount of years he has been working for. It is all about experience. You would be offered with a lot of low prices from newbies but the real deal lies between experience and qualities. To be honest you should always do it with higher price as the experience...
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    Vehicle blueprints/dimension CD'd for signwriting

    Are you looking for vehicle blueprints?. There are many cars of which you would never find a drawing of its designs. There are only particular cars which have these drawings and you can find them online. Just search by the car model name.
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    I am new to graphic design

    Hi! welcome to this forum, you can upload your work and ask for a critic. There are many professionals over here who would rate and comment on your work and would also give you some suggestion to make your work better. You can find the critic forum and post your work over there.
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    Why do all 'transparent' logos now have fake squares behind them now?!

    I guess this is a different design. Some people use this kind of designs for different purposes. If you want the background plain then search it up, you would definitely get it. The square ones are made for some other reasons and for different needs. If it bothers you then you can search the...
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    Need help with background removal

    Currently I am using photo shop.
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    Need help with background removal

    I think there are plenty of free software with which I can do this, I just do not know.
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    Need idea for logo design

    Yes I have done that before but the responses were not good. For example if I post one logo idea now there would be a lot of people to point the flaws in it but no one will come and suggest something. So I do not want to waste any of my time for that. That is why I have directly asked for help...
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    Need idea for logo design

    Every bit of word that you have said it correct. Our company by the way follows a way I do not now how much effective that is. They told every employee to make one logo and the one who would got selected would be promoted. I do not even know they would use the winning logo or not. We did not...
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    Need idea for logo design

    I work for a company which is basically a software based. Our manager just told us to find or create an idea for a logo for one of our new started business. The business is about making drones and selling them at a reasonable price. So should I put a simple drone picture on the logo or I keep it...
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    Need help with background removal

    Thanks a lot Hank, I would definitely try it out. By the way, is it a paid software ?. I was looking for a free one.