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    Taiwanese trademark brief....

    Hey basically just been set a brief for a Travel agency called "Ours Travel" Which is a taiwanese airline company based in London. Anyone have any ideas to start me off? Or any tips should i say, Thanks Louise
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    Hi guys, i'm doing a project that involves representing a turn of phrase through an artistic book. I am using the theme cold feet. I wanted to make a flip book to show the transistion of walking down the aisle as this is a daunting experience for many. I just wondered do any of you know of any...
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    Advice please, wordplay brief.

    Thanks so much for your help. There all really interesting sources thanks alot.
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    Advice please, wordplay brief.

    I've just been set a brief to do with wordplay, phrases and figures of speech. The general idea is to end up with a book designed in vain of an artist whom uses alot of wording in their work. Basically i have a few ideas, researched a few designers so far but i was wondering if anyone...