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    Looking for testers for new macOS tool for animated halftone and pattern effects

    That's great to hear! Of course there will be a lot of other improvements as well to feature useful even if you're not doing animation as well.
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    Looking for testers for new macOS tool for animated halftone and pattern effects

    I'm the developer of Vectoraster, a macOS vector graphics design tool for generating complex custom raster and halftone effects. In the new version I'm working on now I'm adding animation features so that you can animate all these effects. I'm turning to you now since I'm looking for users who...
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    Graphics Designing Applications For Mac

    I don't think you need to be looking for macOS-specific apps. The big general design software packages are available and more or less the same on both windows and macOS these days. So if you're familiar with a design suite (like Adobe) you can just keep using that. If you're new to design I'd...
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    Raster Images vs Vector Images: An Explanation

    This is really the fundamental difference, and the first thing you need to understand. Second, I'd say is that for raster format images (like jpg, png, tiff etc) what matters is the number of pixels it has. The "resolution" of a raster image is just the number of pixels divided by the size you...
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    A little help with the "S"

    Beside the shapes/balance I think it's a little strange that the S is bigger, signifying that it's the more important part of the logo, making me read it as "Sw". This combined with the shape makes me think of a swan, and now I can't un-see that. So, maybe change your name to "Swan studio" and...
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    How do you manage client "deposits" of money?

    I'd say it depends on the length of the job and how "fixed" it is in length. For a shorter simple job a 50% non-refundable payment up front may be a good way if you want to share the risk and the client agrees. For longer or more loosely defined jobs (which is what I usually have) I usually go...
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    Background colour gradient help

    If you want more of an interesting "gradient" shape, you can just draw a vector shape for the lighter color and apply a blur effect to it with large enough radius and put it on top of a solid color background. That way you can then modify the shape and colors until you're happy. Should be...
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    App icons

    My answers to your questions would be: - A hand (or other reoccurring feature) could be good to distinguish a set/family of similar icons. Like all icons for services in your case. This is mostly useful if you will also have other icons in the app that are not for services. If all icons are for...
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    Need help to fit THE in this logo

    I'd say there's a little too much going on in that logo with the edge effects, fingerprint, text and sideways "the", so I think you could probably skip a few of them if possible. The segmented Pi with different colors already has so much going on in itself so I think you'd be better off with...
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    Making custom animated SVG elements

    I'm just beginning to take a peek at the world of SVG graphics and more importantly animated SVGs, both as a designer and as a software developer I can see some basic applications (like custom loading indicators), but I'm interested in hearing if any of you work with this type of thing and how...
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    Affinity set to rival InDesign - with their version called Publisher

    I've been looking for alternatives to Adobe for years, with InDesign being basically the last bit I'm still using exclusively. So if Affinity would release an alternative to that I'd gladly try it out. I've already begun switching over to Sketch and Affinity Designer to replace Illustrator...