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    SHOWCASE: Sketches, Doodles & Illustrations

    Here is another
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    SHOWCASE: Sketches, Doodles & Illustrations

    Here is one of mine
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    Do you run an HP Indigo Digital Press?

    Hi I'm looking for a digital print supplier that ideally has an HP Indigo and can do various size run We have a lot of work we could possible source to you
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    Design for Print vs Design for Screen ?

    Eventhough the world is changing people will always want something tactile and print should survive a few more decades in my opinion, one way to look at it is as the digital age progresses there will just be more media types to delve into a good thing for designers What I would suggest...
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    Some Legal Advice Please

    Hi Boss Hog i actually did the layout design on the site he just did some coding really
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    Some Legal Advice Please

    I have a question that maybe someone knows a bit about I designed a brochure for a web designer in exchange for a site( a gentleman's agreement as such) He never actually completed my site and never got around to give me all the details for his brochure so neither of us has really completed...
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    Need a Web Designer Oxfordshire/ Berkshire area

    Hi I need the help of a web designer as I have a overflow of work at the moment I need help designing a site for a school, will need a content management system for galleries and about 8 pages, google map/direction page and a blog I will do the layout design work and supply as files to be...
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    Deli Logo Design

    Nice Simple & stylish If your cleint doesn't like it fire him.....
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    Try a little program called crossover Its alot cheaper than parralells and you don't need to install windows on your mac it lets you run PC programs straight on your MAC Even tried some windows games and they work great
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    What magazines do you read?

    Computer arts, Computer arts Projects & Indesign magazine are all quite good but freakin pricey at times, so reading the articles online is a good solution
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    Need some pointers please

    toons Why don't you draw it by hand 1st scan it place it on a seperate locked layer in illustrator trace with your pen tool Here is a similar tut for you Create A Vector Art Twitter Bird Character Icon In Adobe Illustrator | GoMediaZine Hope it helps
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    Opinions Please

    Hey Curtis I agree with Boss hog Dress up and go charm them with your personality and work What I would suggest is going to a local business that has been going for a while with has a nice list of clients themselves, someone like a photographer or something that is in a similar business...
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    DTG Printing?

    HI I need a price on some DTG Printing x 70-100 shirts ( will be supplied - Fruit of the Loom, cotton, various) Colour: full colour A4 size print on back 1 x 80mm square breast logo Timescale is short 7days after order Any takers?
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    Oh dear

    Yip I want too see that too...good luck I love those get them on occasion
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    The dreaded VAT and printed products!

    Vat Liability Form Hey guys This should answer your question Find the pdf attached its has been zipped (PC) Hope it helps