Some Legal Advice Please


I have a question that maybe someone knows a bit about

I designed a brochure for a web designer in exchange for a site( a gentleman's agreement as such)
He never actually completed my site and never got around to give me all the details for his brochure so neither of us has really completed our agreement

We now however had a dissagreement regarding another job which he has been paid for but not completed.So because of bad customer service I ended our working relationship.

He has now rejected my brochure artwork that I supplied to him and sent me an invoice for the full amount on an incompleted site.

My question is whether this is legal to do and what further action I can take

I know its a tough one but maybe someone can help.
So he rejected the brochure which was the one designed for as part of the gentleman's agreement?...and now invoiced you for the website that he designed in return?

Reject the website that he designed and invoice him for the full amount on the incompleted brochure.
Basic contract law.

The third party must prove that you have agreed to the terms of the contract - to establish that you are liable for his invoice.

Reply (if that is your view) that you are not liable and will not be paying.

If this goes to court - reply at every opportunity making clear that you have not entered into a contract.

It's all about 'Intention to create legal relations' and the third party proving this.

Best wishes