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    Feedback please

    I would open the ad size pdf in a new window (also telling user it will open in new window) otherwise that will most likely be a close and gone forever.
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    Logo - Thoughts Please

    Think about the different mediums a logo will be used on, I would lose the texture, keep it simple. What does the intended company do? What are its aims and goals? How does it want to be perceived? etc...
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    SkinConsortium cPro Skin Designs

    Hmm, one of the higher page views in this section yet no takers? This kind of offer is still going @ SC, we have more if people want it. Here's whats on offer:- You get to design a Winamp Skin easily You get a release page on our news page - hundreds of thousands of eyeballs! You get it on...
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    google search for my website.

    Good luck with a website going that route, in fact you will need to be more than lucky ;)
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    Text Images Update

    You are better off creating a background image so you can add in proper browser text on top of them, this way you will get things ranked for the keywords rather than alt text, obviously somethings will be ok as an image. It's all a matter of relevancy. Also better sticking to web standard fonts...
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    Is being a designer AND a programmer the way forward?

    Hi David It makes total sense to have dedicated programmers with that small sized company, but it would help you all to be aware of the basics. I'm a software engineer and designer who can adapt to most languages and databases, Have been doing this for many years now but there is so much to...
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    Right click protect

    You will also want to block access to the folder where your images are and also look at stopping hot linking. At the end of the day though there are multiple ways to get your images, couple of really simple ones:- use page info in FF media tab and download them via there or use print screen &...
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    Website do's and dont's

    Hmm that first link is not that great an example, although the author writes about a doctype and I can appreciate it's an old post, the page/site does not have a doctype, therefore will not validate. Part of the art of designing is to also design a decent framework which does what it should do...
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    PHP Form Handling Script (Submitting Dreamweaver Forms)

    Hope you are sanitizing those form variables!! Otherwise it's a world of hurt!
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    fix it in the css properly, don't resort to hacks like that cos MS couldnt be arsed to fix their sh*t!
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    HTML emails

    You may likely be forced to go back to using tables depending on which apps you are targeting with html emails. Beware Outlook 2007 does not render divs/css as it still uses word as its renderer and is only changed by the user. Keep it simple imo and you can't go too wrong.
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    CARTOONS for 'BINGO' theme required

    Hi Barry I think the guy who would really do you justice on this kind of thing is Ente, I worked with him as part of the WOP team for a number of years, he is a cartoonist/illustrator. Check out his works at Willkommen bei ENTE's Welt - Comics, Cartoons, Postkarten und vieles mehr! and the WOP...
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    Question for people

    It's all a fine balance. You should look at it long term, if you can strike up a balance with her over this and future work then great. You could also look to percentage of sales as an alternative, then you both have a vested interest in the work. If for example you do a neat poster that grabs...
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    Seriously mixed up website?

    Nice, excellent flash, although this would not load Vimto Seriously Mixed Up Fruit: Test Your Strength the flash does load on its own tho, didnt test why, but thought you might like to test it. Vimto is too addictive, deffo one of my fave thirst quenchers heheh :)
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    Article Submit, which website is best?

    E-Zine Articles loads of them out there