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    Most essential graphic designer tools?

    I'll second that. The ideas are the real commodity.
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    PRINT OFFERS for GDF Members only

    Hi boss, Just wondering if there are extra charges for alternative reverse sides? My cards have a common front with four different designs on the back. Cheers
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    Personal Branding - potential update

    Really nice and clean. I like the single colour version better. I think it's a lot more cohesive and stronger. I get the implication of the name in relation to the pencil icons, but only because the alternate logo is there with the chip cone. The stamp logo isn't as good, but could be used to...
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    Still life photographer in need of a logo

    I've also sent a message regarding this.
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    Festival Poster

    I think it has come along. Each revision has been an improvement. A little more time spent tightening up the typography will push it further. I might suggest using a bit of colour in the text to help with the hierarchy. At the moment it's difficult to assess which pieces of information should be...
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    Festival Poster

    It's a bit more legible, perhaps it's worth looking at the text beneath 'mifest' seems a little squeezed. The 'selective hearing...' lines look a bit strange to me being centre justified amongst a block of text that is left justified. I'd also be concerned about losing the top logo a little, by...
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    How is your eye for colour? Take the hue test...

    Yay, I got a 0 too. I know I'm getting older as I only just scrape into one of the age range boxes.
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    Festival Poster

    I'm guessing the colour change is due to the difference in colourspace. Are you working in CMYK? Once uploaded it will be displayed in RGB (screen). It tends to ratchet up the luminosity. If the final artwork is going to be used for screen, try converting a file to RGB from the original artwork...
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    Wanted - Design & Print Package

    I've also sent you a message regarding your request.
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    rock city logo designs

    Hi NUGFX, The visuals seem like a solid start. I agree with the comments above about kerning etc. I also strongly agree with Clarke's point about the shading. I've never been a fan of gradients in logo design. It's something that has become popular with the advent of logos only being used...
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    Newbie looking for some advice!

    I second the suggestion of the Book - 'A smile in the mind'. I love that one.
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    Hmmmm, yes. Point taken. That is unusually slow for Apple. I guess this problem is going to become more of an issue as Apple devices become increasingly popular. I believe, the best form of prevention is still vigilance from the user though. Cheers for linking to the article.
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    In response to the BBC new report I was advised by my Wife (she works for an official Apple reseller) to simply run Software update. There will be a Java update that counteracts that particular problem. Plus you have to be culpable in it being on your system. It is a flash pop-up that asks you...
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    Newbie looking for some advice!

    I agree with the above comments. You are looking in the right places. At the moment you are in a position most 'jobbing' designers are envious of. You have free reign over your creative output while you develop your knowledge and skills. Try to embrace that. The learning never ends so it's a...