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    Hello new person here looking for advice

    Hi Laurance, You really want one logo that's flexible enough to be used in many different ways. If it's partially text based you can do lots with it in terms of layout, and include your logo 'mark' within the composition. But obviously your logo is what people associate with your business, so...
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    My personal website

    Hi Arron, Nice work. I'd think about maybe a little more breathing space between your posts on your archive page, just to define more clearly which image belongs to which post link. Also, maybe do something more in terms of styling your main menu in mobile screen view. The bullet points don't...
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    Site feedback

    From the title of your link I'd say take a look at your search engine optimisation. There are some repeating words there which might cause problems. Also, your steps tab, is there some other way to present that information a bit better? I'd perhaps consider not using the tabbed menu and display...
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    CMS or Custom code from scratch

    I used to create all my sites from scratch - but now I use a mish mash of frameworks, purely to increase workflow and to get more done. It's just more practical. I use wordpress most of the time, because it's got an easy to use admin, it's easy to theme for - and all web designers have some...
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    Advice for new website set up

    You could try out the peopleperhour website for PSD to wordpress conversion. There's also many websites, such as htmlburger dot com. They actually seem to be relatively reasonable in price. That said, following on from what bigdave said, if you're taking that route then you're missing out on the...
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    Web Magazines!?

    Just subscribed to the .net mag and purchased the web essentials special, good stuff!
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    My Website

    One thing I'd say is that I'm getting sideways scroll at 1280 x 800, so no doubt your average user at 1024x768 has more sideways scroll to deal with. Get rid of your horizontal scrollbar if you don't want to annoy your viewers.
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    I will concurr with all the mailchimp comments, best thing too its free up to a point (about 5,000 mailout limit i think)
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    What do you guys design your websites with?

    Layout Design I go straight to Photoshop, sometimes before this I sketch out some wire frames using a good old paper and pen.
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    php sticky form fields wont update

    Fair enough....solved it myself...I put a header location redirect and changed text field code <input type="text" name="businessname" id="businessname" <?php if (!in_array('businessname', $missing)){stickyfield($SET_BNAME);} ?>/>
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    php sticky form fields wont update

    I have a form which loads its values from a text file. When I update a field and press submit, the text file is updated with the new value but the sticky field still shows the prior value. Can anyone enlighten me as to what I've done wrong? My brain has become mush... form fields look like...
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    Printing dimensions in Illustrator CS2

    I'm having problems setting a size for print out. I've done the following in illustrator: artboard size W: 15.4 cm H: 21.6 cm When I print it out each measurement is out by a few millimetres. I've checked all my print settings to make sure its not scaling or that there are hidden...
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    I'm from the other side, trying to get to grips with PHP at the moment. Welcome to the forum!
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    Diss my logo

    A bit too clichéd and detailed. Make it more simplistic and not so illustrative. You need to come up with something more subtle and clever. Just one idea, all the bits of code and syntax instantly conjures up (to me) a mish-mashed 'cereal' of different shapes. Maybe you could use some of those...
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    Does spelling matter?

    It's a personal pet peeve of mine that spelling and grammar can be wrong in business promotional materials. There's really no excuse for it! I also find it highly amusing when I read some of the spammy, ill written, emails I get from overseas web design companies. Why, on that basis alone, would...