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    Free UNLIMITED Digital Portfolio for Poster Artists

    Hi, My name's Jack and I run a website exclusively for poster artwork, each account comes with a free unlimited storage portfolio. Share your work with other poster fans and artists and engage with some amazing artists. So far after 5 days of launch, the site is home to...
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    How is this done?

    What Paul said, it's gradients, for the internal one, select the heart and go to select > modify > contract and do it by like 10pixels. Then add the gradient (I think that's about right, I might be wrong about the menus).
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    Poster Spy Website - Feedback Wanted

    You think so? Thank you so much. The site definitely needs some exposure though! :( Thanks for the kind words.
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    Poster Spy Website - Feedback Wanted

    Hi Guys, My name's Jack I'm a designer from England. I run a YouTube channel called JSWoodhams where I teach graphic design and showcase my artwork. Recently I branched off and created 'poster spy' a site that shares inspirational designs and artwork. It's a site designed primarily to...
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    Poster Spy Design competition.

    Hi Guys! My website has a new competition! Here are all the details! Design Competition Summer 2013 | Poster Spy Prizes supplied by Kingston Technology and Olloclip! would love to see some entries!:icon_smile: