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    Storyboard Artist Required

    Hi Nick I have PM'd you.
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    The Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain

    Hi all. Our new Facebook page is now up and running. Please take a look at
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    Product Mockup Artists

    Hi, I've sent you a PM. Ian
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    Working Speculatively

    Have a look at this video... Why Designers Shouldn't Work for Free
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    Help identifying some fonts please.

    I think you'll find that those fonts are made up by the tattoo artist. Just show your guy the photos and get him to draw your design based on them.
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    If I provide a template sheet, could someone make a font?

    That font looks very much like Vag Rounded Light - apart from the number 4 which I'm sure isn't critical. You can get it free here:
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    Company Logo Wanted - Quotes Welcome

    I haven't visited the forums for a while and I have just read this entire thread with amusement. It was obvious from the start that the client would choose the cheapest option - most do. (And thanks Boss for amending the T&C's to forbid public pricing). The result is pretty much exactly as I...
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    Student graphic designer needed

    Sorry, I don't understand this response. Are you unhappy with my cynical (though probably correct) post? Or unhappy with the original post?
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    Student graphic designer needed

    I assume you want a student because you don't wish to pay the going rate for whatever work it is you have available?
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    Illustration / Cartoon Required

    I've emailed you. :icon_smile:
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    Illustration / Cartoon Required

    Hi I can certainly help you with this. Please see my website for samples: I meant to add, I can't give a price without more information. For example, size, colour of b/w, usage etc. Turnaround will be quick but again depends on...