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    Big Client + Naff Work / Portfolio = help!

    Hey guys- just wanted to run this little problem I'm having by you and get some opinions. A while back I did a job for a company working with Google. The end result was good for where I was at the time, but I've since improved / refined my style and the piece is starting to stick out in my...
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    What next after Graphic Design?

    That sounds awesome! I want to give that a go now!
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    In the Event of Death?

    I think you should have your solicitor hand write out the html and post it to your client so they have a copy if you pop your clogs. Make sure they use a quill- quill's are cool.
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    Anyone know how this is done?

    Try taking a look on Graphic River for templates. Another resource is but it's only just gone live recently so I think they're still working out a couple of kinks with a few of the templates.
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    Going it alone

    If you're just starting out, then a lot of that sort of stuff can be picked up for free if you search around enough. The Adobe package is what you need and if you have that then your pretty much set. If you have to pay for stuff, then check out the envato market places like Graphic River, Photo...
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    Starting with a client...

    To be perfectly honest contracts aren't really worth much from a legal standpoint unless you're handling a huge huge project- I've heard a lot of story's about designers who took clients who wouldn't pay to court and won the case because they had a contract. However- the court doesn't act as a...
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    How do you like your copy supplied?

    -Very good advice from Gemznunn here
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    Helping a final year student where to go!

    Have you thought about packaging design? That would probably use a great deal of your skillset. Packaging is really moving out of that- we'll put it in a print heavy box with a plastic window into a really interesting part of the whole user experience- look at how a Macbook is packaged or any...
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    Graphic Design Daily hours poll

    I agree- it's totally a tough call. I know I work like 8-10 hour days, but if I really think about it, the actual chargeable time I'm spending on projects is way way less than that- I spend a lot of time running the business and looking for new work. Plus I've actually started trying to create a...
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    Going into a partnership, Online

    I think it can work out fine- If you've worked together before and you have a good relationship then it's totally plausible. The main issue you're going to have is with the cash I think- You can't expect clients to split the invoice between two accounts, so you'll need either a paypal account or...
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    Design Blogs?

    Check out Go Media's Blog- lots of great content there, plus advice on running a company Also- (shameless plug here) I've just started a blog that's kinda veering away from that "40 photoshop blunders" type content, and trying to give over a tonne or real life value...
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    Building Freelance client base whilst working full time

    Hey Glynn- First of all- you really really need a website. I know what you're saying about not wanting to rock the boat with your current employer, but really- unless you call it no boss will ever connect the dots. Just come up with a company name, and if...
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    Skype use it or not?

    Skype is awesome for business, and you should definitely be using it. Face to face meetings are always the most productive, so you want to be getting as much of that face time with clients as you can. During my first year in business I was convinced that I could do the whole designer thing...
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    The best sites for "royalty free" images

    If you go into the advanced search options on Flickr there are options to only show images that are available free for commercial use. Obviously you're limited to whatever is there, but every now and again there are some real gems. Also check out Deviant Art- often authors will let you use...
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    My illustrations finally available to buy! Shameless plug!

    lol- love a shameless plug now and again. Looks great- especially the love hear prints. :)